I meet many people in person and online who immediately fall in love with Shiba Inus. Kishi, Miko (aka, “The Girls”) and I are quite often out in public and find ourselves frequently stopped by passersby as if the girls are celebrities. (IMO, they are!) I’m always happy to answer questions but one comment that makes me pause is, “I want a Shiba!” Whether or not people are serious, I let them know that Shibas are not easy dogs to own and recommend they read about the breed before committing. I say this from experience. As much as I knew about dogs, I wasn’t fully prepared for the Shiba.

SweetShibas was created to be Shiba-centric by sharing information about the breed, training practices and tips, links to useful websites, what not to do, and stories about my Shibas. The blog posts are written from my personal experiences, and references from books and other websites.

You are welcome to ask questions by going to the contact section of the site. I cannot promise I have the answers but I will do my best to help.

Interested in writing a short blog with a photo? I’m happy to post a blog about your Shiba and your knowledge, giving you full credit. Please use the “contact” page to submit an idea.

~ Traci