“I think I Want a Shiba Inu”

I’m the first to admit that emotion drives my decision making. Fortunately, I’ve learned to let logic have a say.

It’s easy to fall in love with a bent eared, fluffy, adorable Shiba puppy. They will steal your heart!

How will you know a Shiba Inu is right for you, or you and your family?

Please research the breed. The Internet has an abundance of resources and you can find e-books and books through online sales sites (Amazon). Spend the time and a little money buying books and learning as much as you can about Shibas.

TIP: Something to think about…

  • If you’re a first time dog owner, a Shiba Inu may not (or may) be the breed for you. Shibas have unique, strong personalities; they are brave, bold, good natured, and very spirited. Talk to Shiba breeders, Shiba owners, and try to find a local dog show where more than one Shiba is entered. I’m not trying to discourage you — just keeping it real.

OK! You want to research the breed! Here are a few places to start:

There are plenty of Shiba Inu Rescue sites and dogs that need homes. An adult Shiba may be a great choice for you!

Thank you for your comment or question.

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