It’s been a while…

Life. It gets busy. Time flies. My goal this year is to post at least 1-2 times per month, focusing on news and information I find online about dogs (and cats), plus some of Kishi and Miko's adventures. You can also follow Kishi and Miko on Instagram @sweetshibas.

Dogs and Mindfulness

"Animals remember. They have some concept of the simple past, but they live triumphantly in the present. Few of us do." -Rita Mae Brown

“Potty Outside! Good job!”

Shiba Inus are very smart and very clean dogs. These two characteristics make house training a Shiba puppy easier than most dogs. Miko was potty trained before I brought her home. Her breeder house trained all of their puppies prior to sale. The instructions they gave all new puppy parents included an important reminder: ~ … Continue reading “Potty Outside! Good job!”

New Puppy Checklist

I was very excited when I decided to get Kishi. I also felt some worry about whether or not she and Tag would get along. Tag was 16 and recently diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction – something I’ll write about in a future post. Understandably, I was extremely protective of him. Setting aside the combination … Continue reading New Puppy Checklist


Meet my two SweetShibas. It can be hard to tell Kishi and Miko apart because at first glance they look like twins. Actually, they come from different breeders and are 7 months apart in age. Kishi, who is older, is bigger than Miko. She has more white on her face and will often sport a pink bandana … Continue reading Twinkies!