Dogs. Cats. Horses. I’ve always had animals for as far back as I can remember. It’s an understatement to say I “love” animals; they are my life and soul.

In 1997, I brought my first Shiba Inu home.

“Tag” was my best friend and companion for 17 amazing years. He taught me what I didn’t know about dogs, and made me a better dog owner and a better human. Today, Kishi and Miko continue to teach me new things about Shibas, animal behavior, and animal relationships.

When you hear someone say owning a Shiba is not like owning a Labrador or Golden Retriever and “it’s not the breed for the first time dog owner,” please believe him or her.

I grew up with St. Bernards and Newfoundlands. Family vacations were planned around AKC dog shows where my parents were either showing or judging. Twenty-plus years of experience as a pooper scooper at shows, a kennel-hand for breeders and our local boarding kennel, and caring for our own dogs prepared me for only part of what I needed to know when I got Tag.

My hope is that this site will help current and future Shiba Inu owners. I have an honest, positive approach to my postings. I don’t claim to be a professional trainer and will never assume to know more than a veterinarian.

I will share the fun, good, difficult and heartbreak of owning puppies, tweens, adult and geriatric Shibas.

Medical questions or concerns? Training questions or concerns?
Contact your veterinarian for medical assistance, or to find a qualified canine trainer.