Essential Oils and Dogs

Mindfulness is becoming a more popular practice as a part of yoga and daily meditation. Essential oils can enhance this experience for humans, and are used as natural treatment options to modern medicine; however, they are not always safe for dogs.

The AKC published an online article, Are Essential Oils Safe for Dogs? There are Quite a Few Risks Involved. Here are some highlights from the article (AKC, 2018):

  • Oils can irritate your dogs skin
  • Because the oils are metabolized by the liver, they are “especially problematic for puppies and young dogs, dogs with liver disease, and elderly dogs” (AKC, 2018)
  • Can cause an upset stomach if ingested
  • Can lead to changes in behavior
  • Cause adverse central nervous system effects and respiratory problems

The essential oils that are poisonous to dogs if ingested or spread on the skin:

  • cinnamon
  • citrus
  • pennyroyal
  • peppermint
  • pine
  • sweet birch
  • tea tree
  • wintergreen
  • ylang ylang

Please talk to your veterinarian before considering using essential oils to treat dogs.

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