How much is a Shiba puppy?

People we meet ask different types of questions about Kishi and Miko. I’m happy to answer most. I was taken aback the first time I was asked how much I paid for Kishi. I didn’t give the person an exact amount because it really wasn’t their business.

Since then I’ve learned to listen for what people are asking. “How much is a Shiba Inu puppy?” is usually from someone interested in the breed and is trying to learn if they can afford one. My typical response is to explain that I do not have exact prices, which I don’t, and recommend they call reputable breeders to learn more. Breeders do change their prices over time.

“How much was your Shiba?” is a different question. Don’t feel pressured to answer this question if asked. I don’t. The answer I often give is, “They were a gift.” If they ask again, I recommend they look online at the price range for a puppy.

When someone shares that they’d love a Shiba Inu but don’t think they can afford a puppy, I recommend they contact a Shiba Inu rescue organization.

Thank you for your comment or question.

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